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April 9, 2020


Exhibition will be open on Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday 7pm - 10pm (walk in welcome)

For group visits booking is required, the timing will be arranged during daytime.



‘Seeing in the Dark’ will be a multi-sensory, multi-faceted and rule-breaking art event, the like of which has never been seen in this region – with artworks specially commissioned to fulfill the extraordinary concept.

Not being able to see facilitates a different way to experience art.
For ‘Seeing in the Dark’ the usually bright and iridescent Create Hub gallery will be transformed into a place of darkness. In the resulting enigmatic environment, guests will be invited to appreciate the art using their sense of touch. With layered and embossed canvasses, using textures and rope, the artwork of the leading show will include tactile features by which they may be scrutinized and enjoyed in the drape of blackness. The art will include words you can touch, so we experience something similar to reading braille. The goal is to enable fully sighted people to rethink the way they perceive art.

The Concept:
An art exhibition experienced in the dark.
We are taught to experience art as a visual or auditory pleasure, almost universally unchallenged by the sense of touch as an additional, or alternative, way to enjoy art. We are not concerned by what art might mean for those who cannot see, or how we might learn from their different conception of art.
However art, like all creative mediums, is subject to interpretation. Whether an individual perceives art with their eyes or hands might be irrelevant. ‘Seeing in the Dark’ aims to create enjoyment of art in a tactile sense. As we develop as humans, we gain knowledge through our senses. When one of these senses is compromised, the individual will use senses to balance. Lack of sight means to have a different conception of shape, mass, size and colour.
We are encouraging visitors to the show to reactivate their forgotten senses and to experience art in a more intimate way.
Art Exhibition Part One: Specially commissioned ‘tactile art’ by Workneh Bezu:
Create Hub commissioned leading Ethiopian contemporary artist, Workneh Bezu to create a showcase of art to be appreciated by touch for this show.
The multi-talented Workneh being the perfect artist to rise to this challenge - Workneh has always considered art both his passion and his dream. A founding member of one of Ethiopia’s highly popular artist studios - Habesha Art Studio – Workneh practices in many different media including rug puppets, paintings in oil and watercolors, sculptures video works and graphic art. He is best known as the pioneer of puppet and short animation film in Ethiopia. He’s widely known as a writer a director and a producer of the first children film in puppet film in Ethiopia, entitled Sasase fable ye sasase teret.


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LOCATION warehouse #4 6 Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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