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April 20, 2018


Simon Black is a young magician and cardist from downtown Chicago, IL. Hailing from the birthplace of intimate close-up magic, he has had the opportunity to perform for people from all walks of life, including actors, writers, and musicians all over the world. Always striving for originality, Simon creates his own effects, and has been handpicked by many magicians within the community to consult for their respective performances, including names like Shin Lim and Asi Wind. Simon's magic has allowed him to perform on a global scale, from enormous theaters across China to the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of magicians across the world perform his material, and thousands more spectators eagerly watch his videos on youtube and instagram. Ultimately, Simon's unique style combines his love of magic with his passion for performance art, resulting in a display that is attractive, entertaining, and mind-bending all at the same time.

In Simon's lecture, you will learn the finest details on how to execute amazing sleights extremely cleanly, such as various palms, lifts, shifts, and steals, as well as the real work on tons of moves that gained Simon thousands of followers on social media. These ideas include his famous ""Swivel"", ""Paradigm Shift"", and ""BT Change"".

In addition to all of the sleight of hand that will be workshopped, Simon will also discuss many effects he performs every day, both in impromptu scenarios and in professional settings. He'll teach his take on ""Triumph"", which will leave you scratching your head in awe. He'll showcase his work on ""The Trick that Cannot be Explained"", and how to perform it without looking at the cards, and, if you're lucky, Simon will even reveal his take on the classic ""Biddle Trick"", a variation that is worth the price of the entire lecture by itself. There is so much more, but you'll have to see it live to find out for yourself. Sleights in the Lights.


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