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April 14, 2018


Hustle Entertainment is back with Laughathon 2.0 that consists of the best Indian comedy artists with double the punch!”

Kenny Sebastian

With a great sense of humour touching on everyday topics, a singing voice and a rare ability to make the stiffest faces smirk, Kenny Sebastian has the world at his feet. The Bangalore-based stand-up comedian is arguably one of the biggest comedy acts in the country, creating content fit for both the Internet and the stage. When not directing short films, the comedian is performing at leading venues like Canvas Laugh Factory (Mumbai) and has delivered over 1000 shows around the world. Kenny is one of the forefront members of Bangalore's comedy group- The Polished Bottoms, with comedians Sundeep Rao, Sanjay Manaktala and Praveen Kumar. His Internet prowess is seen in his Amazon special, Don’t be That Guy, along with the sci-fi comedy web series Starboyz, and Comedy Central’s The Living Room. And finally, he has an adoring female fan base as well!

Sumukhi Suresh

Famous for her alter egos like Behti Naak and Anu Aunty, Bangalore-based actor and comedian Sumukhi Suresh is one of the leading female comedians from the city of gardens. Her show The Adventures of Richa and Sumukhi, based on politics and the daily mundane activities, received critical acclaim and established her as a talent and force to be reckoned with. She is a frequent face on several sketches and web-series.


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