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March 1, 2021
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The Horse Museum has been built in the 1940s, in the Al Shindagha area, as one of the properties of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. It is located near Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum's house and consists of one floor, with a large interior courtyard overlooking rooms and diwans? (grand halls), where it now hosts the events of UAE National Day and other different national events. The Horse Museum offers an opportunity to know a lot of things about horses in general and specifically about the Arabian horses. It also takes the visitors on a thrilling encyclopaedic journey that enriches their knowledge of horses and makes them even more appreciative of the distinct relationship between this animal and man, which exceeds the narrowness of sheer material aspects to the vastness of wide moral aspects. The museum is comprised of a number of wings and halls that include information, prototypes and tools that have to do with horses in regards to their breeds, names, characteristics, races, genres, body parts and anatomy, methods of raising and training them, the diseases they could have, and the ways of treating and caring for them. The museum also tackles how Arabic and local literature dealt with authentic Arabian horses, as well as the poetry and books written of equine characteristics, and how they relate to the values of pride, chivalry and beauty. A visit to the Horse Museum allows the visitor to know the close and distinct relationship between horses and the citizens of Dubai, which went beyond the sheer concept of exploitation of the horses in riding and transportation, to the concepts of aid, bravery and beauty related to them. The visit will also reveal the new interest of Dubai and the country in horses, reflected in their establishment of the greatest edifices of breeding and racing horses, and their generous prizes, is only a natural continuation of this eternal relationship that the Horse Museum reveals in a lot of its aspects





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LOCATION Al Shindagha area - Bur Dubai


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