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October 26, 2018
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The Concept: Beasts in the Middle East, is an elite fusion event of entertainment & sports. Rallying an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 visitors, WUS aims to present an unforgettable interactive experience for all fans including adults, families, and children. On October 26, we unveil the door to the world’s most exciting championship arena at Bab al Shams & we unleash the most powerful beasts to compete for the ultimate glory. WUS is slated as the richest purse in prize-money & the largest production in the world for the Strongman sport.

The Sport: Strongman: International athletes of unfathomable power perform feats of incredible strength to bag the ultimate title proving global supremacy in strength, speed & conditioning. From pulling airplanes & colossally heavy trucks to lifting & pulling cars/ lifting logs overhead, these feats are a true test of one's Herculean strength and a spectacle not to be missed. Feats are called ‘events’ and the scoring system is based on total points per athlete.

The Event: Expect the arena to host a large variety of exciting activities for adults, athletes and kids including the following features all amidst food, music and entertainment!

Supporting Features: (This section would have amazeballs imagery from the list below as a collage or long as it remains tasteful)

  • Gladiator opening ceremony
  • The spectacular show by the Monks of the Shaolin Temple, Henan Sheng China
  • Bench Bash with Desert Barbell
  • Fittest Human with Fitness In DXB
  • Roller Skating with Roll DXB
  • The UFC fun experience with UFC gyms (children and adults)
  • Capoeira dancers
  • Amateur boxing and MMA ring
  • Hawaiian Fire artists show
  • Obstacle Course (children and adults)
  • Food and beverages (Dubai style brunch) catered by Meydan
  • Food trucks
  • Arts and crafts (children and adults)
  • Carnival Games
  • Live Music
  • Fireworks
  • Silk performers

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LOCATION Bab Al Shams Arena - Unnamed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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