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May 25, 2022
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M Premiere brings PaRUS Fest 2018 to Jumeirah Beach Hotel from Thursday 1 until Saturday 3 November 2018. PaRUS – an annual international music festival. PaRUS Fest 2018 will bring to Dubai a massive number of A-class Artists, bands, and celebrities who speak Russian and sing in Russian. We speak Russian! We sing in Russian! It is a festival for everyone who loves Russian music, appreciates Russian culture, respects Russian traditions. PaRUS is also a landmark of Dubai - the famous and the one 7 stars hotel Burj Al Arab that is made in the shape of a sail and has an informal version of name in Russian "Parus" (Sail). So the festival is associated with the venue - an open arena overlooking the "Parus", Burj Al Arab. PaRUS will become a milestone event for both residents of multinational Dubai and thousands of tourists who will enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the luxurious hotels of the UAE, and the luxury lifestyle surroundings of the festival energy. Venue Three concerts of the PaRUS Fest will be held at the unique venue overlooking Burj Al Arab! A special stage along with scaffolding seating arrangements and VIP platforms will be built up especially for the festival. The sea of lights, kilowatts of sound and the energy coming from the stage of PaRUS in Dubai are no-to-be-missed! Line Up: Thu 1 Nov 2018: Grigory Leps & 'The Voice RUssia' Finalists Live in Dubai Fri 2 Nov 2018: Gala Concert with Loboda, Egor Kreed, Ruki Vverh, Band'Eros, Zhasmin, Dmitry Koldun, Alexandr Marshal, Sogdiana & Serega Sat 3 Nov 2018: Legendary Rock Band DDT Live in Dubai Timings: Thursday 1 until Saturday 3 November 2018 from 7pm until 11.30pm. Price: 1 Day Ticket • AED 300 Silver • AED 475 Gold • AED 675 Platinum • AED 795 Diamond --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Day Pass (Thu 1 & Sat 3 Nov) • AED 600 540 Silver • AED 1,350 1,080 Platinum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Day Pass (Thu 1 to Sat 3 Nov) • AED 900 630 Silver • AED 2,025 1,420 Platinum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIP Lounges (F&B Packages) • AED 2,000 Premium Adult • AED 1,000 Premium Child (4-11 years) • AED 3,500 VIP Adult • AED 1,750 VIP Child (4-11 years) • AED 5,000 Royal Adult • AED 2,500 Royal Child (4-11 years) Follow for updates on shows and events.


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LOCATION Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Jumeirah St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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