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December 7, 2018
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TikTok presents Groove On The Grass; UAE’s Homegrown Music and Arts Festival at Emirates Golf Club on Friday 7 December 2018. We unite once again for the love of music, creative expression, and positive vibes! David August The first shafts of morning light creep over the hilltop terraces, illuminating the ancient commune of Palestrina - David August breathes new air. Born in Hamburg in 1990, August composes and performs multifaceted electronic music with hopeful tones and a human aesthetic. The birthplace of his mother, this highland outpost has, as of recent, casted rays of inspiration upon the young musician. While his live-show takes various shapes and forms, free improvisation lives at the core of the artist’s fascination. Whether he performs solo for the Boiler Room (2014) or a Resident Advisor Live Session (2015) recruits trusted musicians as part of his Ensemble (2015-2016), DJ’s traditionally or explores collaboration with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (2016), liberating moments of immediate expression remain a constant. After a year of introspection, David August re-emerges with a vitalizing, advanced, personal language. “ Danny Daze Steeped in Miami’s B-boy culture, it was classic electro and Miami bass that conceived Danny Daze's love for the experimental Dutch electro and Detroit Techno scenes of the 90’s. Labels like Schematic in Miami, Interdimensional Transmissions from Detroit & Viewlexx out of The Hague set the foundation for Daze. Daniel Gomez adopted his Daze moniker early on at his mother’s suggestion. Practicing on a set-up she bought him, Daze was spinning at weddings by age 14, funneling his earnings into vinyl to play raves on the side. That eventually led to producing his first tracks in 2004 on a cracked version of Fruity Loops and later that year, he jumpstarted a electro / techno white label called Omniamm. Daze’s risk-taking & punk approach is at the core of everything he does and it’s a big part of the ethos of his current label, Omnidisc. It’s also this freeform & experimental approach together with an element of surprise that sets him apart from the pack as both a DJ & Producer. As a DJ, he prefers to express his versatility across long sets. He is known to cut & weave from Electro to Techno into Italo Disco, into a record by Yazoo deliberately intended to provoke a reaction. “I once played a Paula Abdul record at Berghain… basically, it’s like it or leave it,” says Daze. As a producer, his output ranges from releases on Kompakt’s Speicher series, to remixes on Phantasy, Comeme, Monkeytown & more… but he also reaches far beyond techno. Danny Daze’s radical approach to preserving music’s integrity while breaking its boundaries may seem volatile, but it’s not random. Line Up: David August (live) Danny Daze Special Guest Redshape (live) Gigi Masin (live) Chloé Tickets on sale now. Timings: Friday 7 December 2018 from 6pm until 3am. Price: • AED 180 1st Release - SOLD OUT • AED 195 2nd Release • AED 215 3rd Release • AED 240 4th Release • AED 265 5th Release • AED 295 On the Door ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • AED 400 VIP/Back Stage - 1st Release • AED 450 VIP/Back Stage - 2nd Release Follow for updates on shows and events.


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LOCATION Emirates Golf Club - Near Nakheel Metro - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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