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May 18, 2022
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UAE Debut Autobiography - Company Wayne McGregor Contemporary Dance + Live Electronic Music by JLin A cycle of choreographic portraits based on McGregor’s genomic sequence, illuminated through dance + live electronic music by JLin. “Wayne McGregor – one of the most celebrated and sought-after choreographers of his generation” – The New York Times “[JLin’s music is] a brilliant example of contemporary beat programming, of bringing real-world meaning to dance productions, and of the choreography that must naturally accompany dance music that hopes to push beyond simplistic club tropes..Jlin’s genius is the embrace of a borderless-ness that, just like one piece of paper, can turn into a universe.” – NPR. What does it mean to write your own life-story? For twenty-five years, Wayne McGregor has been making choreography that interrogates life through the experience of the body, moving intelligently in space and time. His practice has been far-reaching and sought out collaborators from a diverse range of artistic and scientific fields to investigate the nature of embodied cognition. Now McGregor turns his attention to the body as archive, as he embarks on a cycle of choreographic portraits illuminated by the sequencing of his own genome. The first of these studies, Autobiography, is an abstract meditation on aspects of self, life, writing, refracting both remembered pasts and speculative futures. Palimpsesting McGregor’s choreographic imprint over personal memoir and genetic code in a continuous re-imagining, Autobiography unfolds uniquely for each and every performance. Life, writing itself anew.� “Jlin, a young woman from Gary, Indiana, is one of the most exciting new practitioners of the [footworking] form…among the most distinguished producers of the evolving footwork sound. Her style is moody and always with at least a subtle sense of menace, but she’s fleet and agile too, able to balance the weightiest conniptions of beats and bass so that they seem to float….Footwork, as a habit, makes a game of sounding jarringly ­arrhythmic and impossibly funky at once, and Jlin is as good at that aspect of it as anyone.” – The National Follow for updates on shows and events.


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LOCATION The Red Theater - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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