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May 18, 2022
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The Surf in Dubai is seasonal from October-April with the best and most consistent months being December, January and February. The water temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius at the start and end of the season. Between December to February temperatures range between 20-22 degrees celsius. The average wave height recorded from the "Dubai Coastal zone monitoring" is 0.67 meters, which in feet is just above (2 feet). The highest ever recorded wave to hit the shores of Dubai was in 2007 reading at 3.49 Meters which is just over 11 feet. Not bad considering most people view Dubai as being a city in the desert with absolutely no surf at all! The best swells arrive when strong low pressure systems develop at the top of the gulf (Kuwait) and the strong Northerly (NW) winds continue to blow through past Bahrain and Qatar. The fetch (distance of water over which the wind can blow) of the Arabian Gulf is 1000 kilometers. Whilst this technically doesn't qualify us for any real 'Ground Swell' (requires fetch +2000km), on a good day it is sometimes hard to believe you're in the Arabian Gulf. During the winter months solid head high days happen fairly often (about 10 times a season) and when they do it's almost like the stoke is tripled! The most common swells in Dubai are from local winds, or just a bit further north, near Qatar. This means a lot of wind and fairly messy surf. A small, onshore, choppy wave is better than no wave! The Surf House carries a range of both surfing and stand-up paddle equipment for the beginner through to intermediate and advanced. All our gear has been specifically selected for conditions of the Arabian Gulf. We stock for rent: - Hard & Soft Surfboards of all sizes. - Stand-Up Paddle boards in a range of sizes. - Kayaks for flat day ocean use. When entering and leaving the surf house, we greatly appreciate the use of conservative clothing out of respect to the UAE and islamic culture. SURF & SUP RENTALS Duration Price VAT inclusive (weekdays / weekends) 1 hour AED 80 / AED 90 2 hour AED 135 / AED 155 All Day AED 300 / AED 350


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