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May 23, 2022
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Comedy Club Festival April 2-3, Dubai Opera Here’s the best news of the decade – Comedy Club is coming to Dubai! It is a city brimming with “the most" and “the best” – the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping center, the longest driverless metro network and even the biggest can of sturgeon caviar! Comedy Club is also brimming with “the most” – Russia’s richest teacher Pavel Volya, the most tabooed band called USB, the most eligible bachelor Timur Batrutdinov, the most “talentedis” Demis Karibidis, resident with the speediest surname - Andrei Skorokhod (Speedomove). This is why Comedy Club Festival in Dubai is going be the most off-the-wall, badass, over-the-top and elite event - the list of “the most” epithets here is infinite. Comedy Club Festivals are always impressive, awesome, and must-visit. We’ve already taken Jurmala and Kazan by storm, raced in Sochi at Formula-1 and entertained the whole Yerevan. In 2020, we are coming to Dubai with support of the city’s Department of Tourism. So stop reading this text and get your tickets – it’s going to be fun! Come to Dubai – it’s going to be fun! Watch Comedy Club Dubai specials on TNT – it’s going to be fun! A few facts: 1. To make the Sheikhs laugh, Pavel Volya will tell them about his income and unconditional love for one woman. 2. What do Julio Iglesias, A-Ha, and Ilya Sobolev have in common? All of them will perform on stage at Dubai Opera. 3. The festival organizers offered the USB band to try every single extreme adventure in Dubai, hoping they wouldn’t come on stage. 4. The Crown Prince of Dubai declared April 2 and 3 public holidays so that every resident would have a chance to attend the festival. 5. We never joke. Everything we’ve just said is 100% a lie. Event Date: 2 & 3 April 2020 Doors Open: 19:00 Event Starts: 20:00 Venue: Dubai Opera Age restriction: 18+ Tickets: from AED 300 (including VAT)


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LOCATION Dubai Opera - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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