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March 7, 2020
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Learn how to prep, prop, and style mouthwatering images of food, along with all the need-to-know basics of food styling for photography. Whether you’re shooting commercially, or for your food blog, this workshop will prep and prime you with all the tips need to perfect the food styling game! WHAT'S COVERED With a combination of theory and hands-on exercises, this workshop will give you a unique insight into the genre, while equipping you with the styling tools required to conduct a successful food photography shoot. Henriett, premiere food stylist in Dubai, and your instructor, will give you a live demonstration, along with in-depth tips and tricks needed to make your dishes look sensational. This will be followed by a hands-on experimental session that will teach you how to conceptualise, prep, prop, and style food items to ensure you get mouthwatering results, all while exploring your personal style. Note: While the art of food styling and photography often complement one another, as they will in this workshop, they both differ tremendously in terms of skill required. Since Henriett Braun is one of Dubai’s premiere food stylists, the focus of this class will be the styling of the food itself in preparation to be photographed, not photographic techniques. Although a GPP staff member will be present to assist with shooting, your photography skills will come into play only to document the styled dishes you have worked on during class. If you are interested in joining a workshop to hone your food photography skills, sign up for our Introduction to Food Photography workshop. WHAT'S INCLUDED 6-hour workshop, a mix of theory and practical WHO SHOULD ATTEND You must be proficient shooting in aperture priority on your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, and confident adjusting your camera's settings to create correct exposure. You must have attended our Photography Level 1, or equivalent, beforehand to ensure you are at the required skill level for this course. This workshop is a perfect fit for those who have already completed An Introduction to Studio Lighting, and is complementary to our Introduction to Food Photography Workshop. No prior food styling experience is necessary. Note: This workshop is designed for photographers interested in shooting food photography, not for those interested solely in styling. WHAT TO BRING A smartphone - as there will be plenty of opportunities to snap mobile images as you go! DSLR or Mirrorless camera with fully-charged battery Lenses (in the 50mm-150mm range) Tripod (preferably with 90 degree angle capability) A macro lens (optional) Empty memory card for your camera with an identifying mark Notebook & Pen


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LOCATION Alserkal Avenue - 17th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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