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May 22, 2022
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"One of the museums interested in aviation and related sciences is the Falcon Island Aviation Museum. Where he reviews in his flanks a continuous success march for more than a hundred years, from watching planes in the sky of the Arabian Peninsula in 1333 AH, through King Abdulaziz’s possession of planes and the establishment of the first air force in 1344 AH. Saqr Al-Jazeera Aviation Museum is not only a role in highlighting the past, but also formed a mix between the ancient past of holdings, aircraft and historical documents, between the present and the great technical progress achieved by aviation. The museum was inaugurated on the seventh of Shawwal of the year 1419 AH, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Abd Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the National Guard (at the time). Since that time, the museum has received official delegations, guests and official visitors. The goal of establishing the museum: Documenting and highlighting the efforts made and the accomplishments that were made to build, develop, develop and modernize the Royal Saudi Air Force by the guardians, leaders and officials, and to employ that in educating employees of the Air Force in particular and the armed forces in general, citizens and visitors, and urging young people to think in aviation and space sciences through exhibits and means of education and entertainment"


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LOCATION Eastern Ring Branch Road - Eastern Ring Branch Rd, King Abdullah Dt., Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia


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