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May 16, 2022
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"More than a classy museum, less than a cold complicated scientific laboratory, Bahrain Science Centre is a place where the heart, mind and hands join in for a fun learning experience that goes beyond the typical school’s curriculum. I was so excited to step into such an impressive place, it was like a mini discovery-world where I got to enjoy learning. The centre’s a new destination to encourage the Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development’s social development programmes aimed at strengthing the country’s science and technology culture by engaging young people and their families in activities that they can ‘learn by doing’. Three years in the planning and execution, the centre has an impressive collection of 36 skeletons, skulls and bones from a variety of creatures found in Arabia which are on show for visitors. There’s also a whole host of interactive exhibits, mostly from Germany, and six galleries each named according to their main functions such as the ‘Discovery Room’ where kids aged three to six get to build all sorts of structures from the various materials provided giving them a push towards discovering their own interests. The second gallery is ‘Keeping Kids Healthy’ which is basically a space for visitors of all ages to get in touch with body health. It aims to help children learn more about the functions of their internal organs and educate parents to give their children the best nutritional care. Amazingly, this room includes an X-ray tool that enables you to move through the human body and a huge heart-shaped game where you hold two handles that are linked to a drum that beats in time with your heart registering the number of beats per minute. It’s a really intelligent play/learning invention that helps show kids what’s going on inside them. ‘Test your Skills’ is another gallery full of body and mind games with around 13 interactive exhibits to test your skills in all sorts of areas from maths to co-ordination. In ‘Our Dynamic Earth’, parents and kids can both learn about Mother Nature and our planet, its inception and its development right up to the current day. I was really impressed by the gallery of tools, believe me it’ll surprise you! And then there are ‘Biodiversity’ and the ‘Travelling Exhibition Hall’ where there’s information on a variety of species, their genetic make-up and the natural communities in which they occur presented in a delightful way. The second room currently houses the collection of 36 animal skeletons, skulls and bones and there are also interactive exhibits in the corridors. Bahrain Science Centre is the first of its kind in the country and all the displays are designed to be educational. It’s a place for fun where you learn about serious things and visitors can ask questions and get their hands on the exhibits without getting into trouble. It not only provides strong support for the school curriculum but I think it would be perfect as an after school activity too complementing existing extra-curricular activities such as science clubs. Young visitors will get to understand science and how important natural life is and the need to protect it – because it’s beautiful and essential and for all of us to survive, we have to take care of the planet and its creatures. Parents can encourage kids to be interested in science by visiting the centre and breaking the ice so they start enjoying the subject, learning to love science and making their classes in school more interesting. In fact it’s a cross-generational teaching and learning tool great for children, parents and grandparents. Staff are still arriving and training and the centre is expected to be fully operation by June or July but in the meantime visitors are still very welcome and entry is free except during special events and excursions. The Bahrain Science Centre is open from 8am-1pm and 3pm-7pm on weekdays during term time, from 10am on Thu and Fri and closed on Wednesday afternoons for maintenance. It could be the start of a lifetime scientific journey and I’d highly recommend a visit."


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LOCATION Bahrain Science Centre - Building 334, Road 109, Block 801, Riyadh Avenue, Isa Town, Bahrain


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