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May 18, 2022
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At the beginning of the last century, the city of Muharraq was the civilized capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, from which administrative projects for administrative development were launched, among them the renaissance of education began and the official institution participated in putting these joint projects on the right path today. It is impossible to apply them without the presence of enlightening models such as Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, who had a great role in the interest in science, culture and education in the reality magazine in the city of Muharraq. The Sheikh's correspondence for the centers of enlightenment and culture in the world was launched in search of what is new about the knowledge that has become one of the most important daily debates of the Council, which included arts, culture and philosophy. It remained in the memory of the first city and a cultural project for the current Board of Trustees, which re-established the council to be a meeting place. Since the first day of the opening in 2002, the center hosted more than three hundred local and international personalities of artists, writers, poets, clerics and philosophy, within its annual cultural programs that have become the desire to diversify. To establish subsidiary branches devoted to the human output from the Dialogue of Civilizations and the Humanities. Culture, arts and sciences. After ten years of establishing the center, there are now established heritage houses that are distributed between the city of Manama and Muharraq, including the House of Abdullah Al Zayed for Bahraini Press Heritage, the House of Gulf Sound for Singing Arts (the House of Muhammad bin Faris), the Children's Reading Library and the Gulf Alkurar House for Gold Thread Fabric and Memory of the Place Bin Matar Building for Preservation On the legacy of pearls and the history of this ancient family, the family of Bin Matar and the House of Poetry, the house of Ibrahim Al-Areed. This is in addition to other projects such as Al-Diyar handicrafts and centers for studies and another for architectural heritage.


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LOCATION Mohammed Bin Faris House for vocal Music - Muharraq, Bahrain


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