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June 4, 2020
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Middlesex Insights Lab Analytics for Food Safety Hackathon In collaboration with RUBICS Smart Solutions, DataCon Dubai 2020 and Beinex 4 June 2020 Are you interested in working on a live data set that deals with Food Safety? Would you be interested in developing predictive models that could use Machine Learning for Sustainability and Food Safety? Or would you just love to derive insights from food safety data? Whether you are a beginner or seasoned champion in analytics, all that we need is how beautifully you can derive insights from our client’s data. If this interests you and you are ready to grab some fantastic cash prizes, READ ON! RUBICS Smart Solutions (Top 20 IoT providers worldwide), Middlesex Insights Lab, and DataCon Dubai 2020 get together to bring you real-world food safety data for deriving insights that could add business value or hint at sustainability practices. Hackathon Objective: RUBICS Smart Solutions has shared with us an incredible dataset on food safety. It includes various aspects like food temperature, fridge status, alert levels, location, and several other attributes. The objective is open-ended; the only requirement is to use Analytics, Machine Learning, or Visualizations to derive insights that could link to sustainability and add business value.


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LOCATION Middlesex University Dubai - Knowledge Park, Block 16 - الصفوحقرية المعرفة - دبي - United Arab Emirates


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