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June 15, 2020
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Join us online for #Korean #Cinema to discover "STEEL RAIN" with a free #NeflixParty viewing Monday, June 15 at 7:30pm and enjoy a terrific action-thriller starring Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won in a film directed by Yang Woo-suk set during a coup as a North Korean agent escapes south with the country's injured leader in an attempt to keep him alive and prevent a Korean war. RSVP now at: STEEL RAIN (강철비) Directed by Yang Woo-suk South Korea | 2017 | 139 minutes In Korean with English Subtitles RATING: ( 15+ ) - Suitable for viewers ages 15 and above NOTE: This is an online viewing party in collaboration with Korean Cultural Center in the UAE المركز الثقافي الكوري. Please see the Netflix Party section below for details on how to get setup and easily access our online screening program. Synopsis: Amid a coup, a North Korean agent escapes south with the country's injured leader in an attempt to keep him alive and prevent a Korean war. Um Cheol-woo, a highly trained, lethal operative in the North Korean army, is given an unusual order one day by his superior, General Ri. He is asked to come out of early retirement and travel to an economic zone in Kaesong, a city just over the border from the South, to assassinate two men who pose a grave threat to national security. Um goes as instructed, but an unexpected scene greets him in Kaesong. North Korean soldiers plotting a coup have managed to hack into a highly sophisticated U.S. rocket launcher, and they fire its payload (nicknamed “Steel Rain” for the devastating shrapnel it spreads) directly at Kaesong’s center. As it happens, the North Korean leader (referred to in the film as “No. 1”) is visiting the city that day. But despite causing widespread destruction, the coup plotters’ attempts to kill No. 1 are thwarted by Um, and in the resulting confusion Um manages to cross into South Korea. From the writer-director of "The Attorney" comes this action-thriller starring Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won. WHAT DO I NEED? 1) Netflix Account 2) Desktop/Laptop Computer 3) Internet Connection 4) Google Chrome Web Browser 5) Netflix Party Extension downloaded on Google Chrome extension. HOW DOES IT WORK? Just follow these simple steps below to get setup ahead of time and to receive a party invite link on the night of the screening. 1. RSVP/Register now (see above) so your email address is on the guest list. 2. Go to (Click) and install the free Netflix Party extension using Google Chrome browser. It allows us to synchronize our viewing with audiences and be connected while watching together. Once installed an “NP” (Netflix Party) icon will be visible near the upper-right-hand corner of your browser on screen. 3. Open and login to your Netflix account on your desktop or laptop computer with Google Chrome web browser. 4. A party invite link will be provided by email to all registered guests promptly at 7:15PM on the night of the show Monday, June 15 to access our online screening. Please be sure to check your email on time. The screening will start at 7:30PM. 5. Click on the party invite link that you receive and it will take you directly to our screening through Netflix's website. You must click on the RED “NP” (Netflix Party) icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your browser to automatically access the screening or it will not work. 6. Now you're part of our Netflix party! You'll see a chat window on the right side of the screen. As you join, you can see yourself and others in this chat window. If you wish click the icon in the top right (probably popcorn or a hamburger, etc) to change your nickname and avatar.


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