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May 18, 2022
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"If you're looking for something different, head to Barzan Olympic Park—an attractive and secure paid park located just north of Doha in Umm Salal. What sets this one apart from Doha's other parks is the variety of activities on offer, including a train ride and a leaping water fountain. The water fountain isn't there just to look pretty; it is part of the park's play equipment and always full of kids having the time of their lives frolicking and getting sopping wet. It’s a great way to cool down after running around in the playground! Another real pull on a hot day is that there is no shortage of shade. The playground is entirely shaded providing nonstop fun. After a good long play, settle in one of the many shaded seating areas to have a picnic in the lush, green and well-kept surroundings. Before you leave, don't forget to hop on the little train that does a loop around the park or hire a single, twin or four-seater bike to ride around the bike track. As you would expect from an ""Olympic"" park whose slogan is ""sports for life"", it also has a wide range of sports facilities from football to table tennis. For a park that seems small in size, it's astonishing how much there is to do in Barzan Olympic Park!"


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LOCATION Barzan Olympic Park - Umm Şalāl 'Alī, Qatar


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