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May 17, 2022
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Nizwa Castle was built during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif bin Malik Al-Arabi (1649-1679 AD) at the beginning of the eleventh century AH / mid-seventeenth century A.D. It took twelve years to build it, and it is a large circular building built with stones and Omani plaster (missile), It is 34 meters high and 45 meters in diameter and serves as a flat surface platform erected on a stone-paved base 15 meters high and 30 meters is said to be inside the ground, equipped with cannons and up to the castle through a narrow ladder in the form of a letter (H) where there are seven doors, and at every turn These doors have defensive slots. The fort As for the Nizwa fort, it was built by Imam Salt bin Malik Al Kharousi in the first half of the third century AH / late 9th century AD, and it was built next to the old mosque mosque and this fort was renewed during the era of Nasser bin Murshid Al Arabi in 1034 AH corresponding to 1624 AD, and it consists of many facilities including housing Students of science are called Sohar rooms and headquarters for guests who come from far away to visit the Imam, the military room, the Imam's library, the coffee-making and preparation rooms, the prayer rooms in which the Imam met people, the (Najwa) room for the secret conversation and the private imam rooms where he used to worship and receive the guests and the stores of dates, as well The fort is surrounded by a high defensive wall with rifle targets and a small corridor for soldiers. The entrance fees are RO2 for Omanis and RO1 for children aged between 6 and 12.. For non-Omanis, charges are RO5 for adults and RO3 for children.


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LOCATION Nizwa Fort - Nizwa, Oman


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