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July 3, 2020
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RHYTHMSHOW is a uniquely exciting and colorful combination of dance, acrobatics and performance art. Each episode transform the story into a tapestry of color and costume with its swirling dance pieces, using special light effects and ground-breaking visual effects. On our stage the whole entire world beats to the same rhythm, to the Rhythm of Life! What else could be associated with the Rhythm of Life than our heartbeat? Sometimes it is slower, sometimes it is faster but our heart never stops. It keeps our body in motion and its beat provides the Rhythm. Wherever we go on this Earth, this “Rhythm" can beat happiness or sorrow, can beat alone or pulse with a crowd and every now and then it is so joyful, it is capable of performing miracles. The heart - and feet - of the dancers will move in synch with the most beautiful and spectacular tempos that will lead us around the globe. We now extend an invitation to our future audience to come and experience such a miracle in a sensational dance show! Enjoy a vibrant LIVE TV Show. Vote and push your favorite dancer to the next episode. Be the member of the digital audience face wall. Color the show with your vote and presence! Time: Every Friday at 9 pm (GST) World premiere on 3 July 2020 Duration of each episode: 85 mins (3x25 mins + 2x5 mins interval) Hurry up! Book your Seats Now First 70 audiences/ticket holders will be lucky to join our digital face wall during the Live show. Ticket prize: 20 AED For more information


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LOCATION United Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates


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