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July 18, 2020
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Saturday, 18 July, 10am-3 pm with a lunch break. Space is limited--you must register in advance with 400 AED a couple or 350 if you refer a friend who registers. Dads strongly encouraged to attend as well (for no additional price!) Venue on-line via zoom Most first time mothers assume that breastfeeding is something that will come naturally and easily. For some it does, but many mothers really struggle in the beginning and wish they had more preparation and support both before and after their baby arrived. The first hours and days with your baby are critical to successful breastfeeding, and unfortunately support is rarely adequate in Dubai's private hospitals. Sadly, some very good pediatricians and nurses have insufficient, outdated and even completely incorrect knowledge and training when it comes to breastfeeding and you will get some terrible advice, much of which can lead to a lot of suffering and even to unnecessarily giving up breastfeeding. Read more about why to take a breastfeeding class while you are still pregnant here: If you are planning to breastfeed or still just thinking about your options, this workshop will answer any questions you have, prepare you to get breastfeeding off to a good start, give you the information you need to avoid many of the common problems and provide you the tools to get the appropriate help if and when you need it. Read more about the workshop here!breastfeeding/c4e2 Read Amy's articles about breastfeeding in Dubai here:!Our-Top-3-Tips-on-How-to-Prepare-For-Successful-Breastfeeding-in-Dubai/c10s1/55bfa6120cf28e7a8e400355 Great for first time mums as well as those who have struggled with breastfeeding before and are hoping to get off to a better start this time! Dads strongly encouraged to attend as well (for no additional price!) Led by Amy Vogelaar, lactation consultant,


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LOCATION Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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