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July 11, 2020
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KNOW THE SECRETS OF YOUR PALM This is a 3-week online Palmistry course that will help you learn how to read your palm using ancient guidelines and techniques of Palm Reading, which is part of Samudrika Shastra. Our hands and especially our palms are full of signs. It is believed that our subconscious mind holds timeless memory including the past, the present and the future and our palms reflect that secret knowledge. Palm reading is one of the oldest divination arts, which throughout the ages became more of a science rather than a mystery. Many psychologists have included the palm reading to the analytical framework of the full understanding of the individual’s personality. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN: In this 3 week course you will learn how to read: • Hands: Palm, Fingers, Nails and Mounts – understanding your personality, potentials and desires • Lines: Primary, Secondary, Rare Lines and Signs – understanding the timing, efforts and results • Life line – journey of your life • Head line – journey of your mind • Heart line – journey of your heart • Destiny line – your purpose in life • Fame line – your success in life • Health line – your health in life • Intuition line – your 6th sense • Wealth lines – your financial security • Relationship & Children lines • And much more DATES & TIMINGS: • July 11-28 • Every Saturday & Tuesday • 9AM UTC/ 11AM EGYPT/ 1PM UAE/ 2:30 PM INDIA/ 5PM BALI INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: • One time offer: $111 • Normally this course is offered at: $222 STRUCTURE: • All classes will take place live online at the given timings • After every online class you will receive your reading/ homework material sent by email • You will have to read and practice on your own in between the online classes • If you miss the online class, you will have access to the online recording • There will be weekly homework tasks in theory and practice MANAGING YOUR EXPECTATIONS: • This is NOT a fortune telling course. This is to KNOW your potentials and strengths. • This is also NOT a certified course to show to others. This is for your OWN benefit and growth. • After this course you will be able to read your own or somebody else’s hand BOOKINGS: • Tickets available on • There is no refund policy • For any queries WA +971507485530 • Registration closes on July 10


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LOCATION Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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