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May 27, 2022
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The Dubai Bedouin Culture School Excursion is a cultural outing for school groups looking for an immersive and interactive way to educate students about Dubai’s history, Emirati culture and Bedouin life in the desert. As a practical module which supports the UAE Social Studies curriculum, this excursion has been created for students to experience a day in a life of Bedouin. Depending on the age of the students, or the size of the group, we can adapt the programme. The excursion takes places at a private traditional Bedouin village in the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. Our local Emirati hosts take the student on an interactive journey where their curiosity to discover Bedouin culture is facilitated with interactive activities and games. From camel rides and falcon shows, to traditional basket weaving and authentic camp, this experience offers a true glimpse into what Dubai was like in the past. The live cooking demonstrations give children insight into local cuisine and the traditional breakfast gives them the chance to try a typical Bedouin meal. Instead of learning about the history and culture from a textbook, students get to hear real stories about the past from Bedouin and witness what life was like first-hand. The excursion also covers topics related to sustainability and conservation in Dubai. ITINERARY School group to arrive at the Last Exit at 8:00am (depending on the time of year). Students are shuttled to the Bedouin village where they are greeted by the Emirati host. Receive water bottles and Ghutras/Sheilas (traditional headdress). Camel rides and falcon demonstration with Saluki dog. Students are split into groups and given the ‘Bedouin Legacy Quest’ challenge. They are required to explore the Bedouin village and interact with Bedouin and the activities to find the answers to complete the challenge. Traditional Bedouin breakfast is served. Students enjoy breakfast in traditional majlis with Bedouin and hear stories about their lives. Traditional Bedouin entertainment: we have a range of entertainment options for you to choose from including Bedouin games, camel beauty contest, Arabic drumming session, Yola dance, Al Razfa dance, Bedouin folklore, nature art, solar astronomy. Students receive a certificate of participation before leaving the Bedouin village at 12:00am (depending on the time of the year and the entertainment choices). WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The cost of the programme is worked out according to the group size and the activities chosen. Please contact us for a quote. The programme can be adjusted according to your requirements. There will be refreshments and bathroom facilities throughout the tour. We take school groups of all age groups and can adjust the activities and games accordingly. This is a Dubai Tourism initiative to protect Bedouin culture and Emirati heritage through education programmes such as this one. The meeting point is at Last Exit. Most school groups organise their own transport to the meeting point. We will shuttle the group from here to the Bedouin village. The Bedouin village is in the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve which is the largest unfenced Desert Conservation Reserve in the UAE. It is only about a 45-minute drive from the city. The group will be shuttled to the Bedouin village in 4x4s. FINER DETAILS Students will receive a resource pack before the excursion to support the learning outcomes of the experience. The excursion has been created to encourage experiential learning and outdoor learning. We have first-aid trained guides on site at all times. There will also be an Events Manager and Emirati hosts to facilitate the excursion. Please inform us if any of the students have any allergies prior to the excursion. Breakfast includes Balaleet (sweet noodles with cardamom and saffron & egg), Bajela (beans gently spiced with olive oil and lime), Regag bread, fruit, Luqaimat with date syrup (Emirati dessert). The Bedouin village has been traditionally built out of raw materials like goat hair to replicate a genuine Bedouin camp setup in the desert. We can arrange a photographer at an additional cost.


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LOCATION Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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