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December 7, 2020
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Conference Approach The Dubai Entrepreneurs BootCamp is a gathering of the most influential business leaders invited from all over the world with a key focus on networking, facilitating business and of course having fun. Meet industry innovators, thought leaders and internationally recognized CEO's of leading organizations as emerging trends are predicted, best practised are explained and the biggest case studies are shared. Conference Objectives • Leverage on the summit as a resource to transform yourself and the people you lead • Learn practical entrepreneurship tools and techniques that can be applied immediately • Learn how to create a business that will outlive you • Learn to take your business profits to the next level • Learn the underlining principles that govern great organizations • Learn what it takes to be the standard of quality in your industry • Learn how to systemize your business to run without you • Learn how the sales and marketing works in this digital economy, and much more. • Learn how great leaders lead • Learn the latest wealth creation strategies • Recognition of CEOs with outstanding records of performance Conference Topics: 1. Business Mastery 101 2. Transformational Leadership and sustainability 3. Re-wiring the organization for greater productivity using leadership essentials 4. Sales and marketing the lifeblood of your business 5. Wealth creation processes 6. 21st century Advertising 7. Business Automation processes 8. How to create a luxury brand 9. Qualities of Great leaders 10. How to build a million-dollar company 11. The law of attraction 12. Social media for top executives 13. Digital marketing for CEOs 14. Dubai Investment opportunities 15. Visioning and Visionary Leadership Conference Learning Outcome: At the end of the seminar you should be able to • Get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply • Learn from a diverse faculty of eminent professionals • Have a knowledge of your personality traits and how to manage it in relation to others • Create a niche for your businesses within the competitive market • Generate cutting edge business strategies • Develop structures for effective running of your businesses • Improve the brand perception of your businesses • Create the products and services that people don’t know they need. • Be equipped with latest digital skills to lead your teams effectively and efficiently ’Start a process that will bring about dramatic growth in all directions of your life in the next 10 years, while exposing you to a new level of thinking like Elon Musk, Jack Welch, Richard Brandson, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Mohammed Nasheed, Aliko Dangote, Sonia Sotomayor etc.’ Special benefits for attending the Dubai Entrepreneurs Bootcamp: The Entrepreneurs BootCamp is an important forum to discuss modern business strategies, marketing, sales, decision making, leadership, delegation & empowerment, global impact, performance management, wealth creation strategies, vision, human resource utilization and other related issues. Leaders like yourself who require an extensive exposure in global business practices are encouraged to learn and share perspectives with other professionals, business leaders and senior executives. 1. Global Networking Opportunities: The Dubai Entrepreneurs BootCamp provides you with the opportunity to network with like-minded world leaders like your good self. During this summit, you will definitely make encounter with new leaders, experts, associates and influencers from all around the globe. 2. Upon completion of the program, participants earn award of Executive MBA Certificate in Business Management. 3. Nomination to become a fellow of MasterMinds Forum, UK. Alumni benefits, joining a network of more than 3000+ alumni with the following benefits: A 25 percent tuition benefit for yourself and up to four colleagues each year for programs lasting up to 5 days. 4. International MasterMinds Business School alumni networking opportunities, Access to MBS Career services resources, including unique career content, a job board, an online networking platform, the alumni directory, and more, a lifetime subscription to MBS alumni publications and eligibility to join the MasterMinds Alumni Club. 5. Gift of Books on Business Exceptions 6. Free Medical check-up at RAK Hospital /Dubai City Tours 7. Award of Business Excellence Who should attend? • Entrepreneurs • Corporate Executives • Business men and women • Industry innovators and thought leaders • CEOs in Public and Private Sectors • Top Managers and Administrators • Sales and marketing professionals • Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers • Senior official in entrepreneurship development • Professionals in personnel, marketing, finance and production.


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LOCATION Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira - Al Mateena St - Muteena - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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