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September 18, 2021
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2021 welcomes new features to SAUDI AGRICULTURE, how artificial intelligence introduces a futuristic approach to farming improving efficiency, sustainability and profit for the industry. Together we can revolutionize the future of farming and continue, with nearly 40 years of experience as a respected event, certifying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a major player in the Agricultural sector. The areas of agri-tech covered at the show include: Artificial Intelligence As the population grows and food demand is high, efficiency and productivity are key. The agricultural industry is now incorporating artificial intelligence to assist with various processes including data, pest control and checking the soil to maximize growth. Join the conversation at SAUDI AGRICULTURE to see how agri-tech can help the future of farming by reducing workload for a sustainable and effective world. Drones & Aerial Imaging Farming comes with huge responsibility involving continuous supervision to ensure everything is growing correctly and no disease has struck the crop. Rather than walking the breadth of the land, farmers have introduced drones to fly around taking photos and capturing data for analysis. Aside from its photography capabilities, drones are being used to spray the crops and scatter seeds into the fields, which results to a more efficient and effective farming. Discover the latest technology that will reduce labor intensive roles and expedite the monitoring process – crucial for a successful output. Robotics in Green Houses Agri-bots have stepped into greenhouses around the world, responsible for spraying, planting and packing the fruit and vegetables grown in a superficially warm environment. In countries where farms and greenhouses are positioned away from city infrastructure, and thus away from workers – robots have become vital to the process. Cost is so important to the producer on the supply chain – and despite initial outlay – 24-hour labor is priceless in this unpredictable but essential industry. Meet the designers behind the bots at SAUDI AGRICULTURE. Sensors & Applications Soil health is key for successful growth, farmers have previously relied on their knowledge and time to manually seek any crop issues but strategically placed remote sensors can dramatically reduce hours spent on this process. The sensor uses algorithms to decipher its surroundings and provides readings detailing solutions to contributing factors such as weather or pest invasion. Apps are in abundance for various purposes including weather predictions, tractor computer information sharing, marketplace for agri-products and photos for crop analysis.


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LOCATION Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - King Abdullah Rd, King Abdullah Dt., Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia


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