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October 5, 2020
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Now on-line via zoom, in a 2-part series Monday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 7 7-9:30pm 400 AED per family for 2-part workshop, 350 if you introduce a friend. Flexible pricing if you are experiencing financial hardship. Space is limited so you must register with! Babies in arms are welcome but toddlers ideally cannot attend! Toddler Troubles? Whether it is tantrums, sleep problems, picky eating, or just general upset in your home, ToddlerCalm offers a gentle, thoughtful, and evidence-based approach to parenting your toddler. Read more about it here!toddlercalm/ce70 This 2-part workshop will teach you the fundamentals of ToddlerCalm so you can start to relate to your toddler in an entirely new way and bring calm to your home. Taught by licensed ToddlerCalm consultant, Amy Vogelaar. Read some feedback from a previous workshop from a very happy mum: "We loved the workshop, and both found it extremely beneficial. I think (my husband) in particular needed reminding that (our toddler) doesn’t behave badly just to wind him up…..and we have already seen a huge difference!!! By approaching (our toddler's) temper tantrums with love and compassion, and offering him a little control and choice over what he wears, what we’re going to eat, what we’re going to do today, etc. he already seems so much happier (other people have noticed the change too). He still misbehaves, as kids do, but not nearly so often, and he calms down much quicker and is just generally a happier little soul!"


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