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September 12, 2020
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Have you ever felt frustrated, unconfident, or unproductive after a conversation? About this Event Engaging in constructive discussions and forming sound arguments is essential to our success in all areas of life. Rarely can you advance your career goals, nail your interviews, or impress your love interest if you don't have the skills to approach conversations with confidence and turn them into a cooperative enterprise. But whether you're scanning the YouTube comments section, watching a debate, or trying to defend your ideas at a gathering, it’s common to see that those conversations either seem to fall into a perpetual maze or turn into a battlefield. But what if that doesn’t have to be the case? What if you could build the skills to convert a conversation into huge opportunities? Your level of success—whether in business, interviews, friendships, or romantic relationships—hinges on how well you can engage in conversations, including those that seem to be the most difficult. During this FREE masterclass through Zoom, you will learn the fundamental tools which will help you navigate constructive conversations, how to understand the perspective of others better, and more crucially, how to convert conversations into opportunities to advance your goals. It is no coincidence that future leaders are training to become excellent communicators. And yet, there's nothing mysterious about their chances for success—it all lies in the process they follow. Luckily, this is something you can learn and develop. If you're tired of listening to vague recommendations like "become a good listener" or "have an open mind"; and if you are seeking to build intellectual and practical skills to turn your conversations into opportunities, then you shouldn't miss this session! In our free masterclass, you will learn: What mindset you need to adopt to engage in a productive conversation. If you can change how you think of conversations, you will change what you will get out of it. How to convert the exchange of ideas into meaningful opportunities. What actionable steps you can take to avoid falling prey to conversational mix-ups, emotional outbursts, and frustrating topics that seem to drive conversations nowhere. Fun and simple tools you can adopt before and during your conversations which you can start implementing immediately after the masterclass. How to answer difficult questions with composure, clarity, and confidence. Tools that will help you develop your brainpower, which you can make the most of at the end of every conversation. Using these tools regularly can help you achieve long-term mastery. There are endless opportunities you can gain from developing your conversational skills; by learning how to be excellent conversationalists, we are ultimately learning how to become better critical thinkers. That is why you will leave this masterclass with a novel opportunity to start your journey of becoming a Core Thinker. Here’s a core question for you to think about: When was the last time you felt like you’ve gained something meaningful from a conversation? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! NOTE: We are hosting the same event on September the 7th, but since our event was fully booked, we have created a repeat event on September the 12th so that our Masterclass is available to anyone else interested!


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LOCATION Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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