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September 17, 2020
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The 5 Key Levers in Marketing and Sales that businesses need to target in order to achieve 2X Productivity, 5X Profitability, 10X Growth About this Event ABOUT THE WORKSHOP For most small to medium sized businesses, the main activity to achieve annual growth targets-5%, 10%, 15% increase - is often to do more of the same, rather than do something different. As a result, unsurprisingly, even some of the most successful companies tend to see incremental growth at best. At Kaizen we re-visit the marketing and sales strategies that businesses need to focus on to work FASTER and SMARTER. As a result, we have consistently seen companies accelerate growth plans, achieving double digit growth year-on-year. The secret? Focusing on the numbers that really matter: The Five Levers. In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, we will look at the tried-and-tested framework that covers the 5 Key Numbers that Directors and CXOs need to focus on in their Prospect-to-Customer Funnel. Minor tweaks and improvements in each of these areas will translate into major results, in terms of productivity, profitability and growth. We will also explore the most common challenges and pitfalls that businesses face in their marketing and sales, and how to overcome these. KEY TAKEAWAYS & OBJECTIVES -Identifying differentiating factors that will assist in generating higher quality leads, and drive marketing results -Not falling into the 'price war' trap in client negotiations -The most common factors that reduce profitability on long-term projects, and how to foresee and overcome them. *Please note: All tools, resources and templates that are used in the presentation will be provided to attendees. WORKSHOP DETAILS Register Now Date: 17th September 2020 Time: 11AM Gulf Standard Time Investment: FREE *To ensure maximum interaction and discussion, the event is capped at 30 registrations. Tickets always sell out fast - REGISTER NOW to book your spot!


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LOCATION Kaizen Consulting Group | The Leading Business Coach in Dubai - 2308 - Jumeirah Business Center 5 - أبراج بحيرات الجميرا - دبي - United Arab Emirates


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