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September 16, 2020
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The Business Landscape is Ever-Changing Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or an experienced company executive, leading an organisation is challenging. From external factors such as tough market conditions and the rapid growth of competition to internal issues such as employee turnover and outdated processes – the demands on business leaders can be overwhelming. The Kaizen Business Fundamentals workshop is a deep dive into the five key areas of the Kaizen System that drive consistent, sustainable, measurable growth: 5 Key Areas to Drive Business Productivity & Profitability: • Leadership & Culture Strong leadership, established culture. Leadership at every level. • Technology & Innovation A Technology-powered company, back-end automated, digital components to products/services. Culture of Innovation established. • Finance & Growth Cash and Revenue Managed. Actionable, accurate finances. Established Marketing and sales processes. • Operations & Scale Delivery executed perfectly every time. Preparedness for rapid growth. • People & Performance Systemised People development, attraction and retention. Talent Nurtured, Performance Enhanced. No dead weight What to expect: In this fast-paced, interactive, workshop- style session, we will explore how to identify gaps and inefficiencies within each of these areas, and actionable steps that companies can take to drive productivity and profitability. You will gain access to the tools, resources and templates that we use with our clients to drive measurable and sustainable growth in their companies. Who should attend: Team members who have been (or soon will be) given more responsibility, and will need to have a deeper and wider understanding of how great businesses function effectively Business owners who are great at execution, but know there is potential to improve in other areas of the business Senior Management Teams who want to get up to speed on business best practice, and gain a deeper understanding of how the different areas of the business affect and influence each other


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LOCATION Kaizen Consulting Group | The Leading Business Coach in Dubai - 2308 - Jumeirah Business Center 5 - أبراج بحيرات الجميرا - دبي - United Arab Emirates


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