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November 15, 2020
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Film Production Workshop In this multi-part workshop, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Sam Green will work with students to explore some of the fundamentals of documentary film production. Green will screen work and talk about his own films to cover topics central to the documentary field such as relationships with subjects, documentary filming techniques, approaches to editing, and film structure. This whirlwind workshop will be fast-paced, demanding for students, and will cover a huge amount of ground. Green has taught filmmaking for twenty years and believes strongly that the best way to learn about documentary filmmaking is by actually doing it, so students will be inspired after the first session to go out and film and edit their own short documentaries. Students will screen the works during the second session, and the class will discuss and critique them. This workshop is well-suited for anyone who has a basic knowledge of filming and editing and wants to learn more about documentary filmmaking. Students must be engaged, curious, and hard-working in order to get the most out of this experience. Request an Invitation: Age Advisory: 16+ Skill Level: Experience with film production


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LOCATION Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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