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May 20, 2022
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4 Weekends Python Programming Training is being delivered September 12, 2020 - October, 2020 US Pacific Time for 16 hours over 4 weekends. About this Event 4 Weekends Python Programming Training is being delivered from September 12, 2020 - October 3, 2020 over 4 weekends, 8 sessions, 2 sessions per weekend, 2 hours per session. All Published Ticket Prices are in US Dollars The course will be taught in English language 4 Weekends Python Programming Training Schedule September 12, 2020 - October 3, 2020 US Pacific time 4 Weekends | 2 hours on Saturdays, 2 hours on Sundays every weekend US Pacific time 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM US Pacific time each of those days Please click here to add your city name and check your local date and time for the first session to be held on September 12, 2020 at 8:30 AM US Pacific Time. Features and Benefits 4 Weekends, 8 sessions, 16 hours of total Instructor-led and guided training Training material, instructor handouts and access to useful resources on the cloud provided Practical Hands-on Lab exercises provided Real-life Scenarios Course Objectives Complete knowledge of Python Learn how to use lists, tuples, loops, decision statement, etc. in python Build packages in Python Working with Exception handling, Inheritance Work independently in Project with scripting and Automation Who can take this course Anyone who wants to learn python programming for any purpose Prerequisites Computer concepts Knowledge of any programming language is desirable but not required. Course Outline 1. Getting Started with Python Python Overview About Interpreted Languages Advantages/Disadvantages of Python pydoc Starting Python Interpreter PATH Using the Interpreter Running a Python Script Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows Python Editors and IDEs. Using Variables Keywords Strings Different Literals Math Operators and Expressions Writing to the Screen String Formatting Command Line Parameters and Flow Control Built-in Functions 2. Sequences and File Operations Lists Tuples Indexing and Slicing Iterating through a Sequence Functions for all Sequences Using Enumerate() Operators and Keywords for Sequences Dictionaries and Sets The xrange() function List Comprehensions Generator Expressions 3. Deep Dive – Functions Sorting Errors and Exception Handling Functions Function Parameters Global Variables Variable Scope and Returning Values. Sorting Alternate Keys Lambda Functions Sorting Collections of Collections Sorting Dictionaries Sorting Lists in Place Errors and Exception Handling Handling Multiple Exceptions The Standard Exception Hierarchy Using Modules The Import Statement Module Search Path Package Installation Ways 4. Regular Expressions It’s Packages and Object Oriented Programming in Python The Sys Module Interpreter Information STDIO Launching External Programs Paths Directories and Filenames Walking Directory Trees Math Function Random Numbers Dates and Times Zipped Archives Introduction to Python Classes Defining Classes Initializers Instance Methods Properties Class Methods and DataStatic Methods Private Methods and Inheritance Module Aliases and Regular Expressions. 5. Debugging, Databases and Project Skeletons Debugging Dealing with Errors Using Unit Tests Project Skeleton Required Packages Creating the Skeleton Project Directory Final Directory Structure Testing your Setup Using the Skeleton Creating a Database with SQLite 3 CRUD Operations Creating a Database Object


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LOCATION Riyadh - Riyadh Saudi Arabia


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