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May 24, 2022
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4 Weekends Software Testing Training for beginners is a 16 hours training being delivered during September 12, 2020 - October 3, 2020. About this Event 4 Weekends Software Testing Training for beginners is a 4 weekends long Instructor-led and guided training with Practical Hands-On Lab exercises to be taught over 16 hours, 2 sessions per weekend, 2 hours per session. This course is meant for beginners who would like to learn everything about Software testing. The medium of instruction is English. All Published Ticket Prices are in US Dollars. 4 Weekends Software Testing Training Schedule September 12, 2020 - October 3, 2020 US Pacific time 4 Weekends | 2 hours on Saturdays, 2 hours on Sundays every weekend | US Pacific Time 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM US Pacific time each of those days Please click here to add your location and find your local date and time for the 1st session to be held on September 12, 2020 at 8:30 AM US Pacific Time. Features and Benefits 4 weekends, 8 sessions, 16 hours of total Instructor-led and guided training Training material, instructor handouts and access to useful resources on the cloud provided Practical Hands-on Lab exercises provided Actual code and scripts provided Real-life Scenarios Who should attend Any Professionals who are interested in learning Software Testing Beginners who want to start their career in Software Testing field. Course Outline 1.Manual Testing Life Cycle Implementation Introduction Importance of software systems Common problems in software development Why software has bugs? What is quality? Testing objectives What are error, bug, defect, mistake, false and flaw? 2. SDLC Implementation Feasibility study/Requirement Gathering Analysis, Designing, Coding, Testing Delivery and Maintenance 3. Software Development Models Waterfall Model Incremental Model Prototype Model/Use and Through Model Spiral Model V-Model W-Model Agile Testing Implementation Agile-SCRUM 4. Kinds of Testing Un-Conventional Testing Conventional Testing 5. Methods of Testing Black Box Testing White Box Testing Gray Box Testing 6. Static Testing Reviews Inspections Audit Walkthrough 7. Dynamic Testing Unit Testing Module Testing Integration Testing System Testing User Acceptance Testing 8. Software Project Environments Stand-alone Environment Client/Server Environment Web Environment Distributed Environment 9. Software Testing Life Cycle and Implementation with Real Time Project Requirement Reviews Test Plan Preparation Test strategy Preparation Test case Identification 10. Black Box Test Design Techniques ECP BVA Error Guessing Decision tables 11. White Box Testing Techniques Basis Path Testing Cyclomatic Testing Condition Testing Code Coverage 12. What is Use Case? UCD Identify Use Case Based Test cases 13. Test Case Design Introduction Test Case Design Template Types of Test Cases Test Case Design Reviews Requirement Traceability Matrix 14. Test Data Setup Importance of Test Data in Testing Approach for gathering Test Data Benefits of Test Data Gathering 15. Test Execution Test Execution Life Cycle Process Re-Testing Regression Testing Database Testing 16. Result Analysis Comparing Expected and Actual Values Status of the Result 17. Defect Tracking What is defect? Categories of Defects Preparation of DPD (Defect Profile Document) Defect Metrics 18. Defect Reporting Defect Life Cycle Process Defect Removal Efficiency 19.Test Measurement Techniques and Metric Collection Importance of Test Metrics Testing Data used for Metrics Different Types Metrics 20. Test Closure Activity Test Execution Stop Criteria Test Summary Report Preparation 21. User Acceptance Testing Importance of UAT Scope of UAT Alpha Testing Beta Testing 22. Different Testing Techniques in Live Environments Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing Re-Testing Regression Testing Static Testing, Dynamic Testing Installation (Deployment) testing/ System Testing Portability Testing/Compatibility testing Usability testing Monkey/Gorilla/Chimpangi testing Exploration testing Mutation testing (White Box) Forced Error testing Inter Systems Testing/ End-to-End testing Security testing/Penetration Testing Scalability testing, Reliability testing Accessibility testing Adhoc testing Intelligent Testing/Agile testing/Context Driven testing Big-bang testing/ Informal Testing Incremental Testing/Formal Testing Be-Bugging Defect density Inspection Localization Testing Test lab /Test batch/Test suite /Test Bed Test Harness/Test Driver/Test Execution Performance Testing Load Testing Stress Testing Recovery Testing Differences of Alpha and Beta 23. HP-Quality Center-11.00 Overview on Test Management Quality Center – Introduction Need of Test-Management Tool Module (TestDirector Project, Site Administration, Customization) Domain/Project Fundamentals How to Get Started Architecture of TD/QC Tool Site Administrator Create Domain, Create Project, Create Users Assign Users to Project Monitor Connections Main Objectives of QC Test Management Process Requirements Business Components Test Plan Test Lab Defects Site Administration Creating Domain/project Adding users to project Creating Groups 24. Customization of Quality Center Release and Cycle creation Test Requirements Example of a test requirement Importance of tracing and tracking Requirements Reviewing and building a Requirements structure Entering requirements manually Test Cases Creation and management Review of an existing test case Parameters Building a test case structure Creating manual test cases Requirements coverage Test Sets and Test Execution Creating folders and test sets Defining test execution flow Setting test set properties Manual test execution Logging defects during manual testing Automated test execution Adding test hosts Running a test set Setting run times Defect Tracking Reporting defects Searching for similar defects Using grid filters Deleting defects Reporting and Analysis Analysis menu graphs and reports Creating editable reports with the advanced Reporting Bug Tracking Tools BugZilla Mantis PRTracker VSS


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LOCATION Riyadh - Riyadh Saudi Arabia


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