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May 27, 2022
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This Food Styling Workshop is suitable for all those who are interested in learning how to design beautiful looking plates. You can attend as a beginner, or as a practicing food stylist to polish your skills and learn from an expert! KNOW. the PRO IMG_8828 Seasoned food professional, Denise Vivaldo Styled food for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Guest on The Food Network, Home & Garden Network, Catered for George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, Also the author of many event catering and food styling books... books WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW.. Day 1 Intro to Food Styling; Introduction The career of a food stylist Styling for yourself vs. commercial food styling The difference between preparing food for photography, television or the internet Creating gourmet sandwiches or hamburgers versus home-style Layering fillings for visual interest Drips and oozes Garnishes and sides 74ebe146dd418dc51676fb9fc1a596d1 f759fb5372cc5bead7ce0c6d3567f355 1cf42bed7f70b6e3f2f227d226ff22d5 72eacd136e9d2cb134e05fdd4cb82cdf Day 2 Food Styling Techniques I Getting food ready to photograph Perfect prep and food suspension Cooking and holding foods Materials for coloring foods: natural and unnatural Plating whole roasted chicken and using garnishes for gourmet look vs. home-style casual Plating pasta and using sauces for gourmet look vs. home-style casual 54c02de03b0d71c39c452bc91a42eea4 Day 3 Food Styling Techniques II Using fake ice cream Creating high-end gourmet ice cream sundae vs. a home-style casual sundae Plating desserts, fixing blemishes and adjusting colors Using different sauces, garnishes and additions like cookies b3869783ebfbe53746855ebbab50c7ec This 3 day workshop teaches food professionals and enthusiasts how to creating photograph-worthy plates to better showcase food for gourmet serving and personal home style. Get professional tips and tricks to make food styling a career from one of the most experienced names in the business! Workshop fee: 3,600 riyals.


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