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May 17, 2022
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About this Event If you make a game about something that matters, your “players” will want to participate in that larger discussion. If you genuinely make that participation meaningful in the game, it can also be meaningful in real life. – Ken Eklund In the decade since Minecraft was first introduced to the world, it has sold 176 million copies across 21 platforms. Every month, 90 million people around the world play Minecraft. There are Minecraft clothes, Lego sets, games, movies, books and countless other spin offs. The impact of the game is truly historic. The question is, how can we as educators leverage this decade long craze to create impactful virtual learning experiences. In this virtual workshop, participants will explore Minecraft: Education Edition and how it can be used to enhance curriculum within schools. Using examples from computer science to mixed reality, we will look at how Minecraft: Education Edition can provide endless opportunities for exploration, storytelling and digital learning. Participants will be exposed to how this platform supports educators in the development of project-based lessons and students’ capacity to build critical future workskills. Who is it for? PK12 educators interested in leveraging Minecraft for learning Tech and learning innovation coaches interested in exploring the possibilities of Minecraft in their schools PK12 educators in search of alternative virtual learning environments. What will you explore? Key features and possibilities when using Minecraft: Education Edition in schools The endless opportunities for exploration, storytelling and digital learning A set of tutorials and game features that bring subjects to life and support educators in classroom management and formative assessment Project-based lessons that provide opportunities to collaborate and build creative problem-solving skills How to build in digital citizenship learning opportunities to Minecraft learning experiences What will you need? A laptop or digital device Minecraft: Education Edition downloaded to your device (logins provided)


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LOCATION Bahrain - Bahrain


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