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October 24, 2020
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Learn the basics of videography from concept to post-production to create a compelling story that wows your audience. About this Event Because storytelling, and visual storytelling, was put in the hands of everybody, and we have all now become storytellers. - Lavar Burton We live in the screen age. Screens are used to share our lives, inform us about what is happening in the world and with those around us. They ultimately help us all become consumers and tellers of stories in a way that has never been possible before. With the abundance of digital stories being shared, users are becoming more discerning in what they decide to consume. The creation of stories that are compelling enough to grab the attention of your audience need to be both visually stunning and concise in content and vision. In this virtual learning experience, participants will dive into the process of creating stories through video from concept to sharing. This introduction to videography can be done with anything from the phone you carry with you through to professional equipment. Participants will explore the tools and techniques to take a simple story and produce a final product that will “wow” their audience which in the current state of a global pandemic is extremely important for engaging students, community members and even potential clients. Who is it for? PK12 educators and leaders interested in producing video content for schools or classrooms Community members interested in creating high quality video content Business and marketing professionals interested in creating high quality video marketing material to promote their business What will you explore? The basic theory behind videography, editing and video content production The basic editing techniques (e.g. cutting) How to edit to the beat, transitions, story-line, types of shots and fundamentals of frame composition New equipment for capturing videos and software for post production What will you need? A phone or any type of camera for capturing film A laptop for post production Post processing software (e.g. iMovie on Mac or Filmora on PC)


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