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February 16, 2021
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Event Overview Kuwait Traffic & Road Safety Summit aspires to identify and analyze Traffic and Road Safety challenges in Kuwait and the Middle East. The Summit is scheduled to take place in February 2021 in Kuwait. There has been tremendous development and continued growth in the expansion of road networks and evolution of transport, in Kuwait and the Middle East. It has become increasingly important to find solutions and set new policies and strategies to overcome traffic related issues through Smart Traffic management, Road Safety initiatives and Accident Prevention measures. Kuwait Traffic & Road Safety Summit provides a foremost platform for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer engagement, whilst featuring successful case studies, latest innovations and methodologies in smart traffic control systems, highlighting latest trends, vehicle safety research to enhance traffic planning, public safety measures, highlight effective and efficient safety models and best practices that should be implemented on the roads. Kuwait Traffic & Road Safety Summit is about raising awareness and implementing best practices in organizations and supporting the authorities in its endeavors to create an efficient, intelligent traffic system and to minimize deaths and injuries due to road accidents. Participants will have an exclusive opportunity to meet and discuss with senior government officials, senior police representatives, Municipalities, Civil Defense Authorities, Department of Transport, policymakers and industry executives. The Speakers will bring forth their experience, methodology and technical know-how used to tackle vital issues relating to Traffic and Road Safety aspects. Notable Sessions at the Conference sessions-1 The Road to Zero: A Vision to eliminate Roadway Deaths sessions-2 Utilizing smart and AI enabled traffic management systems sessions-3 Formulating and implementing road safety programs to improve driving culture sessions-4 Implementing an integrated Metro network in Kuwait 5 E's of Road Safety 5E-engineering Engineering 5E-education Education 5E-enforcement Enforcement 5E-emergency Emergency Services 5E-evaluation Evaluation


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LOCATION Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait - Al Bida Al Tawoun Street Kuwait City، 13122, Kuwait


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