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May 24, 2022
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"Exhibition Vision" The main vision of Motor Show is to create innovative and distinctive solutions to facilitate the sale and purchase of new cars by bringing together dealers and buyers under one roof, provide all services by offering the largest number of cars, organize the show in an innovative manner, provide financial solutions, and a section for the accessories and services. The Motor Show aims at assisting exhibitors of all types to benefit from the largest number of visitors, which helps to increase the sales of participants and improve the overall situation of the new car market. To be held in the gulf regions largest commercial venue - The Avenues; that invites all demographics. the show will be managed by FREE ENTERPRISE company that is a leader in the automotive events market. The second round of significant magnitude will be launched in October 2020 to showcase the latest innovations in the automotive industry. With sufficient space available to unveil all latest models, products, and services to the anticipated crowds, a combination that ensures that the Motor Show to be Kuwait’s landmark event. A further assurance to reach the destination in excellence is a media plan that is to compel enthusiasts and the not so - to attend. Including influential automotive experts from the GCC and abroad to promote and increase the current heavy traffic. Ranges to give all attendees a market to fulfill their needs and wants, from economic viability to high-end luxury. Segments will also show the latest in accessories, services, related products and technologies of the largest retail field in Kuwait. To be held in the latter days of October 2019, a period where the Avenues is a must-see attraction for tourists attending Kuwait in their holidays, the event will be driven by customers by tourists and the people of Kuwait.


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LOCATION The Avenues Mall - The Avenues Mall, Kuwait


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