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May 28, 2022
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You are alone in the middle of a harsh mountain environment. What is the first thing you would do? Are you prepared to deal with an unexpected night out? What are the necessities needed to insure you make it out alive? This day course covers essential survival skills for hikers and outdoor enthusiast who enjoy exploring the backcountry of UAE rocky mountains. Through this engaging and dynamic experience, you will spend the day learning about pre-trip planning, hazard recognition and avoidance, emergency kits, survival psychology and navigation skills. During the practical field session in the local rocky mountains, you will learn different skills to give you the confidence to deal with any situation. Our intro survival and bush-craft training provides an introduction to basic outdoor skills. Participants will focus equal amounts on theory, outdoor awareness, being properly prepared, tricks and techniques to keep you alive in emergency situations Participants will gain knowledge which can be used in a wide variety of outdoor scenarios from camping, hunting, canoeing, or hiking to just being in the outdoors. Topics Covered Include: • Basic Wilderness First Aid • Survival Kit/ Pack Contents/10 Essentials • Water Sources/Purification • Emergency signaling • Health and Hygiene • Understanding and evaluating risk with regards to the outdoors • Understanding priorities when encountering survival situations • Fire Craft: How to make survival fires under extreme conditions and its importance in survival situations (We cover different methods of making fire: matches, tinder, sap, flint, and bow & drill.) • Navigation: Basic orienteering in the mountains and forest using maps, compass and GPS • Shelter: How to build a variety of survival shelters including choosing proper locations, using improvised materials, shelter types, and survival camping techniques Introduction to basic food sources including edible and medicinal plants found in the mountains and dry mountain of UAE • Making and improvising basic snares and small game traps • Review of useful knots for bushcraft and survival situations • Strictly no smoking during training Itinerary: • Meeting point at 8:00am at Basecamp in Wadi Showka (Estimate 1 hour drive from Dubai to Meeting point) • Welcoming at Basecamp • Briefing and start of training • Lunch break (local Emirati cousine - Mandi) • Summery of the day • End training between 3:00pm and 4:00pm *Note: If you are a vegetarian kindly notify us in 4 days in advance from trip date. (For any other diet specifications or food allergies, feel free to bring your own) *Timing are guidelines and subject to change due to group pace and external factors. *Note: If you are a vegetarian kindly notify us in 3 days in advance from trip date. (For any other diet specifications or food allergies, feel free to *Timing are guidelines and subject to change due to group pace and external factors. ❍ PRICE: 330AED per person ❍ HIKING GEAR LIST • Comfortable trainers • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses • 1 big bottle of water • Basic Aid kit (personal medication, antiseptic, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, etc) ❍ WAIVER FORM By completing booking of this trip, you acknowledge full responsibility of understanding and agreeing to waiver as described in link herewith: ❍ TRANSPORTATION Carpooling system is best way when organising community event. Once we have confirmation for those attending we will manage seats and make sure everyone has a ride. Make sure you sign up on the Car sharing sheet to confirm your ride (will be shared with those confirmed/completed payment) ❍ TERMS & CONDITIONS Strictly, No Refund for Cancelation ❍ WEATHER CONDITIONS Adventurati Outdoor has the right to cancel trip without notice due to sudden change in weather condition that might affect the overall safety of everyone joining. If the cancelation has been made by operator side, all participants will be refunded.


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LOCATION Adventurati Outdoor - Al Manama - Ras Al Khaimah Rd - Al Kharran - Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates


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