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May 18, 2022
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We know you have missed the outdoors, so have we! On this trip we have combined a little bit of hiking, scrambling and water crossing to celebrate our return to the great outdoors Set at the bottom of Mount Jais, the highest mountains in UAE, the route is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy and easy hike with some challenge. The hiking route is suitable for anyone who is sports active. We will come across some beautiful rock formations, old settlements, some beautiful Sidr trees and Acacias, many goats and scenic mountain views overlooking the lower part of Mount Jais. *Suitable for first timers with good fitness In the afternoon the temperature cools off. We are providing headlights for everyone so we can do the last part of the hike just after sunset. Difficulty level of these canyons is 4 out of 10. No rope skills or technical gear is required. No water involved. There is nothing technical about this hike. However, a good amount of fitness level is required. Distance: 6km loop trip Duration: around 3-4 hours (depending on group pace) Trek involves soft ascent/descent, only short bit of loose rocks, no deep or dangerous cliffs. We are limited to 10 people (5 per guide) for this trip in order to abide by our safety operation protocol that has been assigned and approved by the authorities. Strictly NO smoking during activity. ROUTE Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups) Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups)Adventurati Outdoor Samar Trail hike in Jebel Jais (Weekday private groups) Next DESCRIPTIONITINERARYREVIEWS ❍ ITINERARY • Meeting point at 03:30 pm at Jebel Jais Entrance Parking just after Wadi Bih roundabout: (Those moving from Dubai have to move no later than 1:30 pm) • Reach the start of the hike at approximately 04:00 pm • 3-4 hour round trip hike (Moderate Pace) • Finish hike between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm Important Note: Time Intervals can vary due to external factors. ❍ INSURANCE: All guests joining our excursions are covered by insurance. ❍ INCLUDES: • 1 trail mix pack for the hike (snacks) with a sling shoulder bag (feel free to bring your own backpack) • Experienced and certified mountain Guide • Assistant Guide • First Aid • Fun and Entertaining Atmosphere • Insurance Please note: For any other diet specifications or food allergies, feel free to bring your own. ❍ DOES NOT INCLUDE: • Backpack, trekking pole etc • Transportation (Car Pooling System) • Water - Need AT LEAST 3L per person (2 big bottles) ❍ HIKING GEAR LIST • A Must: Backpack (Recommended with good shoulder and waist straps) or regular school backpack • Face mask to be used while on a break • Hiking boots (recommended with ankle support) or trainers • Hiking poles (if you have knee problems) • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses • Energy bars • Water canteen or water bladder ( we provide the water only) • Personal basic Aid kit (Advil, band-aid, antiseptic, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, etc) • Extra shirt, towel, flip-flops (for after the hike) • NO JEANS & NO SANDALS ON HIKE ❍ TRANSPORTATION Due to the current situation, we advise you to drive your own vehicle to the location. Note: Accessible to all cars/ No 4x4 Required. ❍ PLEDGE OF COMMITMENT After completing the booking, you will need to sign the Pledge of commitment to stay safe. It will be shared by email. ❍ WAIVER FORM By completing the booking of this trip, you acknowledge full responsibility of understanding and agreeing to waiver as described in link herewith: ❍ SAFETY OPERATION PROTOCOL Below is the full safety operation protocol that has been approved by authorities for the safety of our guides and our guests: ❍ TERMS & CONDITIONS Strictly, No Refund for Cancelation ❍ WEATHER CONDITIONS Adventurati Outdoor has the right to cancel trip without notice due to sudden change in weather condition that might affect the overall safety of everyone joining. If the cancelation has been made by operator side, all participants will be refunded.


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LOCATION Adventurati Outdoor - Al Manama - Ras Al Khaimah Rd - Al Kharran - Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates


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