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May 23, 2022
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The ability to write well is one of the most important skills you can develop to be successful in your career. Our business writing course has helped many professional writers, new employees, seasoned executives, to equip with the techniques to power the ability to communicate and launch their ideas. The business writing course will teach you the top business writing skills for your work and how to deploy some extra tools to improve your writing. These business writing skills will help you in the organization’s execution and communicate more powerful than ever. The course begins with some techniques that you can immediately apply to your career and improve your writing from day one. You have powerful ideas. We can help you to deliver them with the clarity and impact it deserved. ms excel training qatar Course Objective: Learn to write effective internal and external business documents, email, and reports Learn the optimal process for planning and writing any work document Generate and organize ideas effectively, to save time and effort Write appropriately for multiple audiences Use format to emphasize main ideas and increase readability Write concise, confident documents that are error-free. Eliminate bloat and jargon Elicit the response you seek from everything you write at work Identify individual grammar and syntax issues, and provide correction The business writing skills course at Ferrand Training Center is not a technical course full of complicated grammar; the course focuses on the timeless principles that can take your writing to the next level. We teach simple things that will have a significant impact. The course will explain the things you should be careful before writing, while you write and after your writing. During each process, you will come across many simple techniques, tactics, and habits that will transform your writing. The course will take you through the fundamentals of written communication using research-proven strategies, examples, and engaging exercises. Business writing skills are essential in every profession and industry. It maybe you writing an email to your boss or a letter or preparing a report. Businesses today are looking for employees who can efficiently communicate messages across every channel. Ferrand’s Business writing course program will help you build your confidence as you learn how to improve your writing. What you will learn? Write effective business emails, reports, memos, and letters that are clear, concise, and easy to read. Questions you need to ask yourself before starting your writing. Understand what your audience expects from your email, report or proposal Write using clear, concise and persuasive words Make your writing to gain attention and get read by people. Polish your writing with powerful editing techniques. Spend 30% less time on each document. Tips to achieve a professional tone of voice in your writing The course starts with addresses process: how to write efficiently, target a reader, organize information, and elicit the desired business response in any writing situation. The course continues with critical internal and external business documents and emails. The course will also address style and language: clarity, strong verb use, confident tone, format, individual grammar correction, etc. Our comprehensive business writing course hones the bedrock business writing skills required of every professional. Trainees will learn to convey complex ideas clearly and write correct and engaging documents in less time. The course will focus on effective writing for letters, reports, memos, emails, and more. By the time you complete the course, you will learn how to write clear, concise messages for different purposes and audiences. Ferrand’s Business Writing course will equip you with the in-demand business writing skills needed for all professionals. Requirements A basic understanding of the English language A desire to put these tips into practice Readiness to roll up your sleeves and get writing Who is this course for? This course is for everyone who writes at work (emails, reports, marketing copy, articles or speeches) Early employees Corporate Professionals Blog Writers Journalists Course Outline: Introduction Steps to Effective Business Writing Applying Process to an Internal Document External Documents Writing Emails That Get Responses Writing Reports & Proposals That Persuade Format for Easy Reading Clarity Confident Executive Tone Grammar and Tools Tactical Strategies for Next-Level Writing Wrap Up


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LOCATION Ferrand Training Center - 116 Haloul St, Doha, Qatar


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