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May 23, 2022
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Academic Training: The following painting courses in Dubai are composed of painting classes totaling a sum of 30 hrs (with examination and evaluation). Our painting classes are part of Academic Training for Arts and Design course programmes. These subjects may be taken by applicants without examination and evaluation as “Open-training programmes” as well. Our painting courses and art classes in Dubai include classical and modern paintings. Classical painting classes introduce the paintings, artists and techniques that have created time honoured traditions from the Renaissance to the Impressionist period, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Degas. Through the painting classes in Dubai, students will develop critical thinking when engaging in problems and issues in their art works.. Through these painting courses in Dubai, students will be able to develop their creative skills by creating a piece of art that reflect what they think, feel and imagine. Under the Academic Training, student will be eligible to receive a Professional Certificate attested by UAE Government (KHDA) after successfully completing 20 courses including the Fundamental courses in Fine Arts and some specific courses in Painting and submitting an Art Portfolio. Some of the Professional Certificates that we are issuing for Painting are as follows: Professional Certificate in Fine Arts Professional Certificate in Classical Painting Professional Certificate in Abstract Painting Professional Certificate in Cubism Painting Professional Certificate in Landscape Painting Professional Certificate in Portrait Painting Professional Certificate in Creative Painting Creative Digital Drawing & Painting (I, II, III, VI,V) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced This course is focused on teaching you how to draw and paint with the help of Procreate, which is one of the best drawing apps available only for iPads. Apart from the Procreate, you will also go through other apps and tools that can help learn digital drawing and painting. This course handles the digital approach to painting and drawing, exploring various techniques and styles such as brush customization, layering, photo manipulation and creating surface textures and applying tonal variations. This course is designed in different levels for beginners and artists who want to transition their skills to a digital canvas. Classical Painting (I, II, III, IV) Reproduction Old Master , Reproduction Contemporary Artist , Photo and Life model Our still life classical painting classes in Dubai will introduce students to the paintings, artists and techniques that have created time honored tradition within classical painting, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Degas, etc. Students will develop skills in rendering accurate value relationships, “true to life form”, color, proportion, control and texture. This course places emphasis on utilization of value, hue and intensity to convey a sense of light and form . Students will develop critical thinking when engaging in problems and issues in still life painting. Abstract Painting (I, II, III, IV, V) Material, Techniques, Still Life, Landscape, Geometric, Figurative, Portrait, Expressionism This course will experiment with each student’s own techniques and language by combining paint and the formal elements of design, including line, shape, form and color. Through various projects and lectures regulated by our painting classes, students will develop a non-objective approach to the elements of design. By this course, students will be able to develop their creative painting skills by creating a piece of art that reflect what they think, feel and imagine. Cubism Painting (I, II, III) Analytic Still Life, Synthetic Still Life, Analytic Portrait, Synthetic Portrait Our cubism painting classes in Dubai will focus on the study of historical development of Cubism that revolutionized European art during the 20th century. The main innovators of cubism, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque will be studied. Students will develop the cubist techniques and methods of depicting objects from various viewpoints through angular, random pieces. Through various projects and lectures, students will develop their own style and interpretation of this type of painting method. Creative Painting (I, II, III) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced This course is designed for advanced students. And help them to understand the nature of creativity through traditional and unconventional methods of drawing and painting from a life model as well as from imagination. In this course Emphasis on development of individual style-form concepts, materials and techniques of mixed media. Acrylic/Oil Painting – Monochrome – Still Life (I, II, III) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced In this course students will learn of handling acrylic or oil paints and brushes and explore a variety of techniques (glazing, layering, impasto, alla prima, and others in intermediate and advanced level) through the life model. The purpose of the course is to cover the fundamentals of composition, tone, and blending in achromatic colors. And other courses just check the website for the details.


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