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May 18, 2022
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JavaScript is a scripting language which can be included directly into HTML pages. It enhances user interface and functionality of websites. After completing this JavaScript course, students will be able to understand how to: code control statements, create and use array, create and use function, create and use objects, use regular expressions, and handle exceptions. COURSE OBJECTIVE: Build Awesome Websites With HTML & CSS Know and Use the Foundations of HTML Know and Use the Foundations of CSS Understand how HTML & CSS Work Together Learn how to create variables, objects and Arrays Explore functions how local and global scope work and how to return values and pass arguments into functions See how to apply logic with conditions and ternary statements Save time with loops do while and for loops Interact with your web elements connect via the Document Object Model COURSE OUTLINE: JS Tutorial, HOME JS Introduction, Where To JS Output, Syntax JS Statements, Comments JS Variables, Operators JS Arithmetic, Assignment JS Data Types, Functions JS Objects, Scope JS Events, Strings JS String Methods, Numbers JS Number Methods, Math, DatesJS Date Formats, Date Methods JS Arrays, Array Methods JS Booleans, Comparisons JS Conditions, Switch JS Loop For, Loop While JS Break, Type Conversion JS RegExp, Errors JS Debugging, Hoisting JS Strict Mode, Style Guide JS Best Practices, Mistakes JS Performance, Reserved Words, JSON COURSE FEATURES: Certification NADIA Duration 10 hours Language English Assessments Internally done by trainer


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LOCATION NADIA Training Institute - Dubai - Floor 36 - One Lake Plaza - Cluster T - أبراج بحيرات الجميرا - دبي - United Arab Emirates


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