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May 27, 2022
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The Business Communication Skills training equips the participant with the language and skills needed in order to be successful in any work place. The participant learns key skills that are needed in any business environment through enhanced and polished speaking, writing and reading skills training. Improve your communication and speak with confidence. Equip and learn key skills necessary in any business environment. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Equip you with the language and skills you need to be successful in any workplace Learn key skills needed in any business environment Enhanced and Polished Speaking, writing and reading skills COURSE OUTLINE: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Communication is a strategy Types of communication – Oral vs. written Essentials of Effective Communication What happens when we communicate? Types of Business Communication Common Barriers to Effective Communication Body Language Essentials Communication with clients/customers BUSINESS WRITING What is Business Writing? Elements to be considered before writing a business document Forms of Written Communication Differences between common written forms Grammar and Punctuation in Business Writing Confusing words Proofreading and its Tips EFFECTIVE EMAIL WRITING, REPORT WRITING AND LETTER WRITING Structure of an E-mail Bad vs. Good Email examples Letter Writing Letter Writing Tips Report Writing Common Types of Reports Meetings and Discussions GENERAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE What is Business Etiquette? Why is Business Etiquette important? Dressing Etiquette Introduction Etiquette Telephone Etiquette Dinning Etiquette Team Skills Cultural Differences in International Business Humor in the workplace COURSE FEATURES: Certification NADIA Duration 20 hours Language English Assessments Internally done by trainer


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LOCATION NADIA Training Institute - Dubai - Floor 36 - One Lake Plaza - Cluster T - أبراج بحيرات الجميرا - دبي - United Arab Emirates


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