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November 4, 2020
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Introduction: - Aesthetic overview. - Patient selection experience and communication. - The aging process: why lines/folds occur and how to treat them. Botox: - History and science of BOTOX®. - Training of the upper and lower face injection techniques. - Risks and benefits. -Off-label uses of BOTOX. - Management of complications. - The Nefertiti neck lifting. - Live workshop session. Cosmetic PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): - What is platelet rich plasma therapy. - Preparation techniques. - Techniques and depth of injection. - Different usage and benefits of PRP. - Live workshop session. Peeling: - Chemical peeling types and their uses. - Acne management. - Derma pen. Derma Roller. - Advanced chemical peelings. - Hands-on application. Fillers: - Patient criteria & injection techniques. - Indications and contraindications. - Types of fillers and their uses. - Advanced skin rejuvenation techniques. - Combining dermal fillers and BOTOX. - Jawline filler (Texas jaw line). - Hands-on application. Mesotherapy: -What is mesotherapy. -Material characteristics and types. -Techniques and depth of injection. -Injection devices. -Dermatological mesotherapy in your daily practice. -Mesolipolysis. -Facial rejuvenation. -Mesotherapy for alopecia and hair loss. Laser & light-based treatments: -Laser hair reduction. -IPL hair reduction. - Intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation. - Fractional wrinkle reduction. - Laser tattoo reduction. - Cellulite reduction. - HIFU and new devices. Basic of threads -Introduction to face thread lifting. -Types of threads lifting. -Techniques used for face and neck. - Hands-on application.


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LOCATION Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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