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November 14, 2020
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Loving Deeper: A Masterclass in Self-Love The relationship you have with yourself makes all the difference. It creates the foundation for every other relationship you have and forms the blueprint for how people see and treat you. Even your ability to love others is determined by your ability to love yourself. No-thing is more important and yet this is often the one-thing we neglect the most. In our busy lives we prioritize the needs of others over our own. We say yes when we mean no. In the era of social media we judge ourselves critically, often crumbling under the weight of unrealistic expectations and unfair comparisons. It’s easy to think that nothing we do is enough, and sometimes that even we’re not enough… In this Masterclass you’re going to learn to STOP this train of comparison, people pleasing and putting others before yourself. You’re going to learn tools to help you transform any beliefs you’re holding onto that no longer serve your deepest self-love. You’ll learn ways to take control of your boundaries, accept your divinely unique self and lovingly embrace the person you see in the mirror. Join me on this gentle journey to raise self-esteem, radiate self-worth and experience the blissful connection that loving yourself unconditionally brings! This Masterclass will involve: Meditation Loving, mindful yogic movement Diving into the meaning of self-love Tapping into our heart energy Circle talk: expressive space Learning effective transformative tools Journaling and self-reflection Before the Masterclass you’ll be sent a digital workbook with the exercises and journal questions in it for you to download and bring into the session. Registration details: Anyone is welcome in this workshop, no yoga experience required From 4:00-6:00pm Cost: AED 180 $55 A preparation email will be sent to you close to the date For more details email: or WhatsApp 0503528640


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LOCATION Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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