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September 9, 2021
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The complete ISST course includes two parts, each five days. Part 1 - 1 to 4 April 2021 Part 2 - 9 to 13 September 2021 Part 1 is the presentation of an overview regarding theory and practical parts of the approach combined with general information regarding scoliosis. The students will learn to recognize scoliosis features, assess scoliosis, categorize patients and start to develop thinking in “Body Blocks” and necessary corrections in body planes around biomechanical axes. Corrective Breathing provides a fundamental element for the use of intrinsic forces to improve functional activities and mobility in the concavities of the deformed and altered trunk. Positioning with simple tools is a crucial part in the learning process from a simple to a more complex understanding and also a first step in the adaptation of the ISST elements into the daily routine of the therapy process. Participants learn the Basic Corrections including pelvic corrections with Basic Tension and assistive shoulder traction. Manual techniques will be used for proprioceptive teaching and to improve functional capability of the patients. Basic 3 dimensional stabilizing exercises in stable positioning help to restore physiological alignment. Important is to adapt and internalize the typical exercise instructions to reach an automated state in the learning process. At the end of part I the written exam takes place. Part 2 gives a deep inside in the educational process of the ISST- Schroth method. The theoretical aspects revised and refined; additional classifications like King, Lenke, and Rigo discussed; the main principles of bracing presented. Part 2 completes the standardized therapeutic process from physical examination to the individual therapy plan consisting of exercises, postural teaching, and more specific auxiliary manual techniques. The typical exercises used with more functional and challenging variations to adapt the therapy program to the developing exercise capacity of the patients. The relationship between scoliosis and Laterolisthesis will be introduced. Hereby the therapist learns more regarding scoliosis in adult and elderly patients. Scoliosis and pain is the central aspect of this group of patients, and both entities have to be included, mostly separated, in the therapy program. In the functional parts, the participants work self-independent supervised by the instructor and have the chance to discuss problems within the therapeutic team. To understand more about the surgical way of treatment a short overview of the history and the typical techniques would be given.


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LOCATION Movement Therapy Studio - Shams Boutik Abu Dhabi 1st Floor - شمس أبوظبي - أبو ظبي - United Arab Emirates


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