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November 28, 2020
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THE CYCLING ROOM is happy to announce the 2nd International online Spinning® marathon! 6 hours, truly #anextraordinaryroad, which is also the theme of this ride! We always dreamt of creating a crossroads for people from all over the world and lately we have been fortunate to connect with so many of you in what we call our ‘STUDIO IN THE SKY’ We used to all travel to events all over the world to meet up and we are looking forward to doing so again soon, but we have also found this new way, which allows us to meet and share our passion for Spinning®. #anextraordinaryroad with an amazing team of teachers. Some familiar faces that have been part of this family for a long time and also some amazing friends who will be sharing the road with us for the first time at THE CYCLING ROOM! THE CYCLING ROOM offers the most unique variation of Spinning® classes and this event we will have a different experience for each class! We are so happy to announce the following line-up for this event: 12pm MI Karen Gorman from Australia 1pm SI Rebecca Pittam from Abu Dhabi 2pm MI Andre Struik from The Netherlands 3pm MI Mim Kleiberg from Abu Dhabi 4pm MI Peter Pastijn from Belgium 5pm MI Karsten Krause from Germany From all over the world! We’ll meet in the studio in the sky. #anextraordinaryroad starts Saturday 28th of November at 12pm UAE time and goes on till 6pm. (9.00hrs - 15.00hrs Central European Time - 6am-12pm Eastern time USA). You can jump in at any time for your part of the road! Some parts of the world will be waking up when we have started the road, others will be going to bed before it is over… But that is all good, somewhere on the road we will share the path. Are you as excited as we are? See you soon.


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LOCATION THE ROOM Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi - Al RawdahW57 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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